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In the year 2015, inequality is a national problem despite claims that the United States has entered a “post-racial era.” As the nation grows impatient with elected government officials, two secret organizations develop plans to overthrow the government in what will be considered the deadliest racial battle in American history. Two longtime office friends, Nicholas Hamilton, who is white, and Thomas Hill, who is black, find themselves plotting against each other and assuming leadership positions, each supporting his own secret organization. They become enemies on the battlefield, facing off in a battle filled with many emotions, including regret.

As thousands of innocent Americans die, a country divided turns to China for support in an elaborate counterattack plan to resume social, political, and economic dominance once again. The People’s Republic of China agrees to provide enough equipment and ammunition to aid in their counterattack plan. Unaware of China’s plan to double-cross the United States, soldiers remain on standby to receive equipment and ammunition wired with explosive devices from China.

The people of the country with broken lines now has to decide if they can trust each other long enough to work together to develop a plan to defeat an attacking China.